Community Work Permit Application

Background Information

This Community Work Permit application is a request for individuals or groups to perform community improvement activities onto the City of Woodbury property. This document is an application and does not constitute a permit. If approved, a separate authorization will be issued to the applicant.

Please allow five business days for processing. Since almost all property owned by the City was either donated or purchased with City tax dollars for public use, approval or denial of this application will depend on the amount of public benefit associated with the request. Projects that benefit only individuals or small groups will not be approved under the Community Work Permit Application process. Approval of this application constitutes a legal agreement between the applicant(s) and the City. The work also must be sustainable well into the future.

Any Community Work Permit granted by the City will become null and void if not exercised within the time period outlined in the application. A submitted application is a matter of public record. With certain exceptions, any portion of the submitted application material may be reproduced and distributed to City staff, to other discretionary bodies, or to the general public for use in reviewing the request.

Community Work Permit General Provisions

The following provisions apply to all applications that are approved. Please read and understand these provisions before you fill out a Community Work Permit application. If you do not understand a provision, please contact a City staff member for clarification before you submit your application.

  • Right of Access: The granting of a permit does not prohibit the public from accessing or using the property.
  • Ownership: The permittee does not acquire any right, title or interest in any property or easement owned by the City upon issuance of a permit.
  • Costs: Unless otherwise stated on the permit or separate written agreement, all costs incurred for work under the permit shall be borne by the permittee and the permittee hereby waives all claims for payment or contribution from the City for such work.
  • Notice Prior to Starting Work: Before starting work under the Community Work Permit, the permittee shall notify the designated City representative three business days prior to the initial start of work.
  • Utilities: If work requires excavation, the permittee agrees to contact, schedule, and confirm marking of utilities by Gopher State One in the permitted area prior to the implementation of any permitted work.
  • Inspection and Approval by City: All work shall be subject to monitoring, inspection, and approval by the City. The permittee shall request a final inspection of the work within three business days from the completion of the work.
  • Maintenance by Permittee: Unless otherwise specified in the permit, no maintenance or activities outside those listed in the permit are allowed in the permitted area. If further work or maintenance in the permitted area is desired, an additional Community Work Permit is required prior to performing any additional activities.
  • Revocation: If at any time any provision of this agreement is allowed to lapse, the City has the right to immediately rescind the permit and require the property to be returned to its original state at the time the agreement was implemented. Additionally, if at any time the permitted activity is determined by the City to become a problem for any reason, the City reserves the right to revoke the permit and require such activities be immediately ceased.
  • Restoration: If a permit is rescinded for any reason and if restoration is required, the permittee shall be responsible for restoring the encroachment upon the area to existing conditions at the time the permit was initially issued. If the permittee fails to meet restoration conditions based on the City's sole determination, the City or its agents may restore the encroachment upon the area to pre-existing conditions. Costs associated with the restoration incurred by the City or its agents will be billed to and be the responsibility of the permittee. The permittee agrees to pay these costs in full.
  • Change in Permit Conditions: The permittee agrees to contact and inform the City of any planned changes in permitted activities/scope. Prior to implementation of any changes to permit activities/scope to the permit, the permittee agrees to obtain written City approval as an addendum to the permit.
  • Drainage: Work completed in association with any Community Work Permit shall not interfere with established drainage of the area.
  • Permit Transfer: Any issued Community Work Permit by the City is non-transferable.
  • Precedent: This permit is issued with the understanding that any particular action is not to be considered as establishing any precedent.
  • Absolutely no chemical use is allowed on City park property.
  • Damages: The permittee agrees to hold the City, including its officers, agents and employees, harmless from any and all penalties, liabilities or loss resulting from claims or court actions rising directly out of any damage or injury to persons or property by any reason, acts or omissions of the permittee, its agents, employees or independent contractors in connection with the permitted activities.
  • Indemnity: As a permit holder you agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless, the City, its officers, and employees against any and all liability, loss, costs, damages, and expenses which the City, its officers or employees may hereafter sustain, incur, or be required to pay arising out of any work performed by you or others as part of this permit.
  • Acceptance of Provisions: It is understood and agreed by the applicant that the implementation of any work under this application shall constitute an acceptance of all provisions included.

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