Parks and Trails Regulations


The Woodbury City Code governs the public use of the city's public sites and open spaces. The following code provisions help ensure the safety and welfare of all people that use the city parks, trails, and lakes:

  • All park sites are closed from 10 pm to 6 am
  • No person shall use any form of tobacco product within 100 feet of any beach, athletic field or playground contained within any public site or open space.
  • No tobacco product shall be used by any person upon the grounds of the facilities at Central Park, Ojibway Park, or the M Health Fairview Sports Center.
  • Dogs and other pets must be leashed and the person having custody or control is responsible for cleaning up and disposing of feces from the animal in a sanitary manner.
  • Glass containers are prohibited and trash must be deposited in a proper manner off-site.
  • Golf is prohibited in all parks and recreational areas.
  • No person shall sell, offer for sale, hawk, peddle or lease any object, merchandise or service or carry on any manner of business or commercial enterprises except those concessions authorized by permit by the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Private vehicles are not allowed in city parks. Anyone desiring a Vehicle Access Permit may apply online or at the Parks and Recreation office at City Hall.
  • Motorboats operating on Battle Creek, La, and Markgraf's lakes are restricted from being propelled by a motor greater than 10 horsepower. For Colby, Powers, and Wilmes lakes, motorboats are restricted to electric motors only.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages including 3.2 percent beer, as defined by Minnesota Statute 340A, is prohibited during the hours the park sites are closed and during all hours at Menomini Park. Alcohol restriction at Carver Lake Park and Beach is in effect and includes all areas of the park, with the exception of city, permitted exclusive use of the park pavilion.
  • Dumping of yard waste, tree branches, and household trash is not allowed in the parks.
  • Trimming and cutting of trees on park property is prohibited.
  • Any construction or planting not specifically authorized in writing is prohibited on city property. This includes treehouses, retaining walls, play equipment, fences, gardens, tree planting, invisible fences, and any other disruption of the natural setting. Since almost all property owned by the City of Woodbury was either donated or purchased with City of Woodbury tax dollars for public use, a Community Work Permit is required for any individual or group to perform community improvement activities on City of Woodbury property. Approval or denial of a Community Work Permit application will depend on the amount of public benefit associated with the request. Projects that benefit only individuals or small groups will not be approved under the Community Work Permit process.
  • All jumper/inflatables set-up in a park or open space during an exclusive rental, by permit only, require a Certificate of Insurance is on file with the city prior to the day of the exclusive rental, naming the City of Woodbury as an additional insured in the amount of $2,000,000. The renter is required to schedule Gopher State One Call locates to locate the utilities and irrigation before any inflatable is installed. The Inflatable must be installed and removed from the park site within the rental period of 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.