Turf Maintenance Policy

The City of Woodbury's Parks Division follows an Integrated Plant Management (IPM) program in order to maintain the city's turf areas. The intent of the IPM program is to provide a basis for developing and implementing cost-effective, environmentally responsible maintenance strategies for Woodbury's turf areas.

The IPM program splits turf areas in the City of Woodbury into two categories: athletic fields and landscape turf areas. Within these two categories, Maintenance Priority Levels (MPLs) are established based on the expected use and quality expectations for an individual site or portion of a site.

  1. Athletic Fields
  2. Landscape Turf Areas
  3. Spraying


Turf is grown and maintained to accommodate various levels of sports activities. These include single-use sites (e.g., football only, softball only, etc.) or those that accommodate multiple uses (e.g., spring baseball/fall soccer, etc.).

Level A: Highest Priority

  • Greatest amount of maintenance resources required to achieve expectations
  • Highest quality expectations
  • Lowest tolerance for damage or weeds
  • May or may not be the highest-used fields
  • Mowed approximately 3 times a week

Examples of Level A athletic fields: All fields at Bielenberg Sports Center, Ojibway, and Stonemill Farms North and South.

Level B: Secondary Priority

  • Considered prime game and practice fields
  • Greater degree of damage or weed control tolerated
  • Mowed approximately every 8 to 10 days
  • Normally non-irrigated

Examples of Level B athletic fields: Fields at neighborhood parks such as Shawnee, Colby Lake, Wedgewood, and Summit.