Basement Finishing

A combination permit system is used in Woodbury. General contractors, or homeowners doing their own work, are issued a permit that will include all permit fees associated with the project. This may include building fees, plumbing fees, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) fees, electrical fees, etc., as they apply to the project. Separate permits will only be required on jobs where there is no related work being done.

Forms to Complete

Complete the Permit Application and Basement Finish Supplement forms below. Submit these forms along with one copy of the proposed plan. Building plan requirements are noted at the top of the Basement Finish Supplement Form.

If MN licensed residential contractor, remodeler, or roofer, and not lead certified, and the dwelling was built before 1978, complete the lead supplement form.


Fees will be charged for applicable work being done. This could include:

  • Building fee
  • Electric fee
  • Fire sprinkler fee
  • HVAC fee
  • Plumbing fee
  • State Surcharge

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