Every property owner in the city has the legal right to use his/her property. The use of land is guided and controlled by the policies, plans, and ordinances of the City, in accordance with state law. The City Council's review powers are further defined by a variety of court decisions at both the State and Federal levels. We urge residents to get involved during the development review process as projects are improved with public input.2 homes behind a road and grass

When the city was incorporated 50 years ago, it was home to roughly 4,400 residents and much of the land was devoted to agricultural uses. Today, Woodbury is the ninth-largest city in Minnesota, home to 70,000 residents, and boasts more than 23,000 jobs. Woodbury has been fortunate enough to have committed residents who volunteer countless hours on the Planning Commission, Economic Development Commission, and 2040 Comprehensive Plan Task Force, helping to guide the city's future. Staff is dedicated to achieving the city's vision as a leading community where citizens, businesses, and government work together to create a welcoming community where people and businesses thrive. We encourage all residents to get involved in the development process as we have found public input continually improves our projects.

Woodbury's future outlook is strong, as reflected in many of our active projects found within our development map.Stonemill Farms