Prohibited Signage

There are a number of signs that are specifically prohibited by ordinance. Some of the signs listed below may be allowed with a temporary special event sign permit:

  • Bench signs
  • Bus Shelter signs
  • Flying signs such as blimps or kites
  • Home occupation signs
  • Inflatable signs, including balloons
  • Motion signs
  • Odor (signs which may emit any odor, noise, or visible matter other than light)
  • Off-site signs
  • Painted signs (signs painted directly on a building, fence, tree, stone or similar object)
  • Pennants
  • Pornographic signs
  • Portable signs
  • Projecting signs
  • Signs in the right-of-way
  • Roof signs
  • Signs bearing misleading or false information, or information inconsistent with the zoning or other regulations
  • Signs located on utility poles
  • Vehicle signs (a vehicle may not be used as a sign or as the base for a sign where the primary purpose of the vehicle is to be used as a sign)