Temporary Signage

The City of Woodbury understands that many businesses wish to erect temporary signage for any number of reasons. While local ordinance does regulate temporary signage, it is allowed when erected accordingly.


Banners are a common temporary sign used by businesses and are allowed as follows:

  • Must be maintained in good condition and be kept taut so as to prevent them from sagging or flapping in the wind
  • 1 banner per building or tenant elevation (on multitenant buildings)
  • Can be displayed for up to 6 months per calendar year
  • Least restrictive of either 32 square feet or 5% of area of the wall, up to 80 square feet
  • Must be securely fastened on a building wall
  • A permit (no fee) is required

Temporary Special Event Signage

Temporary signage is often used when businesses wish to advertise a sale or event. Such signage requires a permit (no fee) and is often freestanding in nature. Each business is allotted 20 days per calendar year for temporary special event signage. Up to 4 signs may be erected on-site during the term of the permit. All signs must be at least 15 feet from the property lines.

Examples of Temporary Event Signage

  • Banners (may not be more than 80 square feet)
  • Pennants (may not be more than 200 lineal feet)
  • Flying signs (may not more than 100 feet off the ground)
  • Air-inflated devices (must be placed on the ground, may not be attached to a building and may not exceed 40 feet in height)
  • Search lights
  • Other signs approved by the city

Help Wanted Signs

Help wanted signs are often erected by our local businesses and are allowed without a permit. A business may erect 1 help wanted sign. Such signage may not exceed 6 square feet in area.

Motion Signs

Motion signs are prohibited. A common violation found is the use of flashing or scrolling "open" signs.