Window Signage

Window Signage Dimensions Example showing 10 feet in height and 20 feet in length on a storefrontWindow Signage is any sign placed on the interior of a window, or painted on a window, such that it can be read from the outside of the building. Many businesses utilize window signage as an advertising medium. While a permit is not required for window signage, there is a maximum amount of signage allowed.

How Much Window Signage Is Allowed?

Window signs may occupy 30% of the window area with a maximum of 80 square feet per frontage.

How to Calculate

Multiply the dimensions of the window by 0.3. If this exceeds 80 square feet, 80 square feet is your maximum.


  • 10 feet × 20 feet = 200 square feet × 0.3 = 60 square feet allowed