Administrative Citations, Hearings & Fines

The administrative citation process was established by the City Council as an alternative way to enforce some ordinances of the City Code. Administrative citations are generally issued for less serious violations. The most common violations include:

  • Parking on city streets between 2 and 6 a.m., from Nov. 1 through April 1 or following a snowfall event of 2 inches or more any time of year
  • Lawn watering between noon and 5 p.m. or on the wrong day 
  • Zoning ordinance
  • Illegally dumping construction and/or landscaping materials in city streets
  • Lawn maintenance/noxious weeds

For more information about administrative citations and the hearing process, call 651-714-3500.

  1. Fine Amounts
  2. How to Pay a Fine
  3. Administrative Hearings

Fine Amounts

The fine amounts vary by offense and should be handwritten on the front side of the citation. If you receive additional citations within one year, the fine doubles with each subsequent offense. Since administrative citations are issued for less serious violations, they do not appear on driving records or criminal histories.

Parking Violations

OffenseAmountOrdinance Reference
Snowbird/parking on street after 2-inch snowfall$37Chapter 14, Section 122
No parking between 2 am and 6 am, November 1 through April 1$37Chapter 14, Section 122
Other parking$37Chapter 14, Section 101

Watering Violations

OffenseAmountOrdinance Reference
Watering lawn on wrong day(s) of week based on irrigation zoning first violation$50Chapter 23, Section 20
No watering between noon and 5 pm first violation$50Chapter 23, Section 20

Other Violations

OffenseAmountOrdinance Reference
Vicious animal$100Chapter 5, Section 44
Other animal$50Chapter 5, Section 27
Recreational fire$25Chapter 8, Section 3
Use of city parks after hours$25Chapter 16, Section 40(b)
Deposit of snow or ice in right-of-way$50Minnesota Statute 169.42
Sump pump discharge creating ice on street$50Chapter 6, Section 1
Hydrant use without city approval$200Chapter 23, Section 32
Failure to comply with cross-connection$50Chapter 23, Section 31
Noise violation$50Chapter 13, Section 1
Nuisance ordinance$100Chapter 15, Sections 1 to 59
Permit not obtained$50Chapter 6
Tobacco violation by an employee$50Chapter 11, Section 28
Tobacco violation by a licensee$75Chapter 11, Section 28
Dumping illegally$50Chapter 27, Section 29
Erosion control$50Chapter 7, Chapter 24
Building/plumbing/heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)/electric code violation$100Chapter 6
Conditions of approval$50Refer to planning approval
Grading$50Chapter 7, Chapter 24
Hours of operation$50Chapter 13, Section 1
Lawn maintenance/noxious weeds$100Chapter 15, Section 7
Non-access to meter fee after second notice$50Chapter 23, Section 43
Property maintenance code$100Property maintenance code
Septic ordinance$50County enforcement
Sign ordinance$100Chapter 18
Unfinished construction project$100Chapter 6, Section 19
Zoning Ordinance$100Chapter 24
Public property infringement$50Chapter 16, Sections 39 and 50
Fire Code violation$100Chapter 8
Rental license violation$100Chapter 6
Waste traps and separators$100Chapter 23, Section 76

All fines double with each subsequent violation within one year.