METRO Gold Line

The METRO Gold Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project will connect people across the region to job centers, housing options, transit stations, and key destinations along the I-94 corridor. The project will provide all-day, bi-directional BRT service to the cities of St. Paul, Maplewood, Landfall, Oakdale, and Woodbury.

When complete, the Gold Line is expected to feature:Metro Gold Line Map

  • Frequent, all-day service in both directions
  • Pre-boarding fare payment for faster stops
  • Access to BRT park-and-ride lots in St. Paul, Oakdale, and Woodbury
  • Connections to additional regional transit lines
  • Real-time arrival and departure information
  • Heated shelters, lighting, and security features

This project involves coordination between many agencies, including the Metropolitan Council, Ramsey and Washington Counties, the various cities along the line, as well as the state and federal government.

Gold Line Schedule

Gold Line BRT is expected to begin service in 2025. The design work on the project has been underway since 2018 and is expected to be completed later in 2021. In April 2021, the Federal Transit Administration approved the project to enter the engineering phase. During engineering, the project engineers will complete the final design and draw the blueprints to guide Gold Line construction. Construction is expected to begin in 2022.

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The METRO Gold Line BRT will include three stations in Woodbury. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan identifies the need for additional, local-level, master planning efforts at the Gold Line station areas to facilitate high-quality development and redevelopment opportunities. The Gold Line Station Master Plan Area consists of approximately 410 acres in northwestern Woodbury including a variety of places to work, places to shop, high-density residential uses, open space, and public/semi-public uses. While there are additional acres within the traditional half-mile radii of the station locations, the master plan is focusing on the commercial and high-density residential uses that are likely to develop or redevelop as part of the proposed BRT investment. The master plan process is designed to deliver land use and density recommendations as well as design and aesthetic guidelines to implement the Gold Line Station Area Goals and Gold Line Station Area Policies as described on pages 55 to 58 of the Land Use Chapter of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

Gold Line Master Plan