Woodbury Gold Line Master Plan

Woodbury Gold Line Stations MapThe METRO Gold Line is a planned ten-mile Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) dedicated guideway that will connect Woodbury to Saint Paul and other eastern suburbs which is planned to open in 2025. In Woodbury, the Gold Line would run north-south following Bielenberg Drive then turning onto Guider Drive, where the corridor ends.  

Woodbury Gold Line Stations are planned in Woodbury located on Bielenberg Drive, north of Tamarack Road; near the Woodbury Theater on the corner of Queens Drive and Guider Drive; and at the corner of Guider Drive and Woodlane Drive where a park and ride is proposed.

The purpose of the City’s master plan is to determine the appropriate land uses around each of the three stations, optimize existing development, prepare for potential redevelopment, create a unique sense of place with landscaping and lighting fixtures, and enhance connectivity within the area. See below for the final report approved by City Council April 13.

Public Engagement

The City has received resident, property owner and business owner input throughout the master planning process and most recently on the draft report. The meetings that have occurred for the master plan include:

  • Four Public Open Houses (duplicated with virtual options)
  • Three Online Engagement Opportunities
    • Social Pinpoint
    • Gold Line Survey
    • Draft Report
  • 20+ Targeted Stakeholder Meetings
  • Three City Council Workshops
  • Five Planning Commission Workshops

A summary from each engagement effort was provided to both Planning Commission and City Council.


January 2020Project kick-off
Summer 2020-2021Public Engagement
October 21, 2020; February 17, 2021; & May 26, 2021Council Workshop Discussions
July 6, 2020; November 2, 2020; March 15, 2021; & July 12, 2021Planning Commission Workshops
November 2021Draft Plan Developed
February 7, 2022Draft Plan Engagement; Planning Commission Workshop
March 21, 2022Planning Commission Approval
April 13, 2022City Council Adoption

More Information

For more information on policies, goals, and calculations of land use needs for the city-based upon growth projections for population, households and employment, visit the 2040 Comprehensive Plan page.