Night to Unite and Block Parties

A police officer poses with a group of children in front of a squad vehicle

Block Parties & Special Events

Block Parties are a great way for neighbors to get to know each other and to build community anytime. Requests for Public Safety attendance should be requested at least two weeks prior to your event and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Staff will confirm availability five days before your event.

NOTE: Due to staffing limitations, we are only offering visits from our Police Division for block parties and other special events. EMS Fire personnel or vehicles will not be available.

Request Public Safety to Visit your Block Party or Event

Night to Unite

Public Safety encourages neighbors encourages residents to plan block parties, potlucks, ice cream socials, barbecues, bike parades and children's games on Minnesota Night to Unite. Held annually on the first Tuesday in August, the event provides an opportunity to meet new neighbors and establish stronger connections with Public Safety.  

Check back in summer 2023 for more information about Night to Unite 2023, including how to invite Public Safety to your event.