Special Studies

Occasionally, the Planning Division undertakes and adopts special studies beyond the scope of the Comprehensive Plan or to implement a specific element, goal, or policy of the Comprehensive Plan. These studies may address specific issues or needs such as area, neighborhood or corridor studies, concept plans, master plans, or future land use studies.

Northeast Area Alternative Urban Area-wide Review (AUAR) - The Northeast Area is approximately 580 acres of contiguous, mostly undeveloped land and is located along a major transportation corridor, I-94. The area will be a signature gateway for the City of Woodbury. An AUAR is a planning tool for local governments to assess the cumulative impacts of anticipated development within a given geographic area and how different development scenarios will affect the environment. It is a way of performing an environmental analysis in advance before major development occurs in an area, and using the information to guide local planning and zoning decisions.

Urban Village Master Plan - The Urban Village is located at the southwest intersection of Bailey Road and Radio Drive. The proposed Urban Village area is guided in the Comprehensive Plan as Places to Shop and Urban Village, transitioning to Low-Density Residential. The area will serve as a retail/service center for the southern portion of the community and will incorporate a mixture of community-scale retail, service, and office, as well as medium- to high-density residential and public gathering spaces.