Car Theft Prevention

Thieves need less than 20 seconds to steal your property, but the consequences from a car break in can last much longer, including: credit card fraud, check fraud, damaged credit line, higher insurance costs and more. 

Thefts from automobiles typically increase in parks and public parking areas during warm weather months. Woodbury residents and Woodbury Police can work together to help prevent car theft in our community. 

Tips to prevent theft from vehicles

  • Never leave valuables, such as wallets, purses, computers, cell phones or jewelry, in plain view in your vehicle
  • Lock car doors and roll the windows up tight
  • If you have valuable in your car, place them in the trunk prior to arriving at your parking destination
  • Watch for suspicious acting people loitering or lurking in the area of parked vehicles. Call 911 if you see something suspicious. 
  • Park in a well-lit area if you expect to return to your car after dark
  • Keep a record of all your credit card numbers. Write down the serial numbers, makes and models of your personal property

What to Do if It Happens to You

  • Call 911 immediately if property is stolen from your vehicle
  • If possible, stay where your vehicle was parked
  • Prepare a list of what was taken
  • Immediately cancel all credit card and bank accounts if a credit card or checks are stolen; do not just place stop payment orders on checks that were stolen