Urban Village Master Plan

The Urban Village is located at the southwest intersection of Bailey Road and Radio Drive. The proposed Urban Village area is guided in the Comprehensive Plan as Places to Shop and Urban Village, transitioning to Low-Density Residential. The area will serve as a retail/service center for the southern portion of the community and will incorporate a mixture of community-scale retail, service, and office, as well as medium- to high-density residential and public gathering spaces.

Goals and policies for the Urban Village area were developed through the Comprehensive Plan process. Because of the mix of possible land uses, issues related to transportation, stormwater management, and multiple property owners in the area, City staff recommended developing a master plan for the area to implement the Land Use Plan and to guide future zoning decisions. The scope of the master plan will include the following:

  • Land use boundaries, density, and allowed uses
  • Access, roadway design, and pedestrian improvements
  • Public spaces, park needs, and greenways
  • Stormwater management and other environmental considerations
  • Site development standards such as height, setbacks, architecture, building materials, landscaping, lighting and signage

Funding for the consultant services for this master plan is provided by a $100,000 Metropolitan Council Livable Communities Demonstration Account (LCDA) grant. For more information, contact Eric Searles, Senior Planner.