Applying for Advisory Commissions

The City Council is assisted in its decision-making process by five appointed advisory commissions that work on a volunteer basis. Recruitment for Advisory Commissions takes place in the fall each year. Residents appointed to Advisory Commissions serve on a volunteer basis. The term is for three years, in most instances. 

There are up to two openings on the Parks and Natural Resources and Planning Commissions for 10th- and 11th-grade high school students who are Woodbury residents. Student representatives shall serve a one year term with the possibility of serving a two year term as determined by the City Council.  

2023 Commission Applications

There are openings on the following advisory commissions for terms starting in January 2023:

  • Audit & Investment Commission
  • Parks & Natural Resources Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • Economic Development Commission
  • Watershed District
  • South Washington County Telecommunications Commission

All applicants will be interviewed by the City Council on Saturday, Nov. 5. Applicants will be contacted by city staff to schedule an interview time. Criteria used by the City Council to evaluate candidates include personal and professional experience which may relate to the subject areas of the board or commission; knowledge of the community; knowledge of city government process; contribution to creating or maintaining a diversity of membership with respect to geographic location, gender or race; and experience from similar appointments.

Completed applications must be returned by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 14, to Woodbury City Hall, 8301 Valley Creek Road.

For more information, send an email to City Clerk Kim Blaeser or call 651-714-3524.

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