Common Ordinance Questions

For additional information or if you have any questions, contact the Police Department at 651-714-3600 or send an us an email.

  1. Abandoned / Junk Vehicles
  2. Animal Control
  3. Burglar & Fire Alarms
  4. Hunting Ordinances & Regulations
  5. Noise Ordinance
  6. Non-Domestic Animals
  7. Snowmobile Rules
  8. Solicitors / Peddlers / Mobile Vendors (Door-to-Door Sales)
  9. Watering Restrictions
  10. Winter Parking

Abandoned / Junk Vehicles

Abandoned junk vehicles and/or junk vehicle parts are not allowed in any public place in the city. For more information, read the city's Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance outlined in Section 15, Article II of the City Code.