K-9 Unit

The Woodbury Police Department utilizes police canine (K-9) units for tracking of lost/missing persons, detecting drugs, searching buildings and locating suspects.

The four-legged officers assist the Police Department by helping protect our officers and the community. They also make several appearances at community events such as Woodbury Days, Safety Camp and community outreach gatherings.

The Police K-9 Unit is supported by funds from Woodbury Police K9 Fund, a non-profit organization that supports the K-9 unit by purchasing dogs, supporting national training seminars and providing essential equipment. You can find more information about the fund, as well as current and former Woodbury K-9s on the Woodbury Police K9 Fund website.

For the latest information on news and events follow the Woodbury Police K9 Fund on Facebook.

  1. K9 Cirrus
  2. K9 Ruby
  3. K9 Kane
  4. K9 Echo
  5. Community Support Dog Otis

K9 and Police OfficerK9 Cirrus is a Belgian malinois cross-trained in both patrol work and narcotic detection. He was purchased as a 10-week old puppy and raised especially to become a police dog. K9 Cirrus joined the Woodbury K9 Unit in 2020 and works alongside Sergeant Natalie Bauer.