Hiring Process

  • Step 1: Application
  • Step 2: Panel Interview: Applicants will participate in a panel interview with select members of Public Safety and Human Resources (HR) staff. Typically, those chosen to move on in the process will then participate in a scenario-based assessment.
  • Step 3: Scenario-Based Assessment: Applicants who move on from the panel interview will participate in scenario-based assessments of their communication, decision making, and problem-solving abilities.
  • Step 4: Command-Level Interview/Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) Interview: Those chosen to continue with the process then participate in a 2-step interview, starting first with a Command-level interview, followed by an interview with members of the Woodbury Multicultural Advisory Committee.
  • Step 5: Background
  • Step 6: Psychological Assessment/Medical Examination
  • Step 7: Hire