Traffic Safety

The Woodbury Police Department Traffic Unit was established in 2009 and is currently comprised of one full time police officer.

The Traffic Unit is responsible for the investigation of serious injury, fatal, and hit and run vehicle crashes, providing education and enforcement of traffic laws and working with city engineers to promote traffic safety. The Traffic Unit also follows up on neighborhood driving complaints and determines areas for concentrated enforcement.

Equipment used by the Traffic Unit includes radar, laser, radar boxes and speed tubes. Radar and laser are typically used for enforcement while the other devices are used for education in an attempt to identify a problem and change driving behavior before enforcement actions are taken. Other equipment used by the Traffic Unit are the tint meter and preliminary breath test device.

Submitting Complaints

If you have a traffic complaint, please contact the Woodbury Traffic Unit by email with the:

  • Day(s) of week
  • Location
  • Specific problem
  • Time of day
  • Your contact information