High School Hockey Teams

Steaming Service

Live-stream is up and running! Youth and high school hockey games in the east and west rinks at M Health Fairview Sports Center will be live-streamed via MNHockey.TV, whenever possible.

Purchase a PassWoodbury Royals

Purchase a pass on the MNHockey.TV website.

Schedule Changes

Short-notice (within 72 hours) time, date, location changes may not be updated in the live-stream system; thus, they may not be streamed. HSC staff will work closely with the teams and do their best to work with the company to get changes scheduled whenever possible.

Customer Support

All money is collected online. HSC/City of Woodbury staff and affiliated associations (e.g., youth athletic clubs, high school teams, etc.) that will eventually use this service, do not provide technical support for any streaming services, network issues, connection issues, collection, or refund of funds, etc. Customers should report issues to the MNHockey.TV customer support online or by email.

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