Winter Activities

The City of Woodbury's parks are full of activities and fun for all during the winter months. Whether you enjoy outdoor ice skating, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing, the city's parks are available for your enjoyment.

Outdoor Ice Rinks

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Cold Weather Policy

During extreme cold weather, outdoor activities are not recommended. Therefore, warming houses will be closed and outdoor programs will be canceled when the air temperature is -10 degrees or lower, or when the wind chill is -35 degrees or lower. For the protection of your children, please keep them home on those days.

Beware of Thin Ice

Thin ice and areas of open water may be found all winter on Battle Creek (Mud) Lake and Colby Lake in Woodbury due to aeration systems operated by the city throughout the winter. This operation will begin in January and end when the ice is out. The systems circulate compressed air through diffusers located in the lakes to oxygenate the water and keep part of the lakes ice-free, thus keeping the fish alive.

The system in Battle Creek Lake has operated for 20 years. The system will be operated in the north-central part of the lake and involves an open water area of roughly a 200-foot diameter circle. This will be the first winter an aeration system will operate in Colby Lake. It will be located in the southeast part of the lake near Edgewater Park.

The perimeters of the open water and thin ice area are posted with orange and white reflector signs that warn: "Danger-Thin Ice". All recreational users of Battle Creek and Colby Lakes along with neighboring residents should note the location of the aeration systems and stay clear of the areas posted for thin ice.