Trail Snow Removal

Trail Snow Removal

The City will provide snow and ice control measures on park trails throughout the winter. Trails to be plowed will be designated in the annual Parks Division Winter Maintenance Plan. Plowing will be done on designated trails during regular workdays (Monday through Friday), and on designated high-use trails on weekends. Trail plowing will begin on the first workday after a snow event of two (2") inches or more or when drifting snow blocks the pedestrian trail. Trails used by students to walk to school will be completed to allow pedestrian trails prior to school opening whenever possible. The plowing of trails will typically be done in the following priority, however, there may be changes in the priority due to type of snow, depth of snow, or timing of snow event:

  • Trails used by students to walk to school
  • Trails adjacent to City streets
  • Interior park trails

It is the City's goal to get the trail plowing completed in two working days after the snow event. Things such as equipment breakdowns, size of the storm, or difficult conditions, may extend this time frame.

Parking Lot Snow Removal

Snow plowing in municipal parking lots will begin when two (2") inches of snow has accumulated or when vehicular movement becomes difficult. Not all parking lots will be maintained. Applicable parking lots include fire stations, public safety buildings, Central Park, HealthEast Sports Center, City Hall and parks with warming houses.

Use of Salt or Traction Material in Parking Lots & on Trails

The City is concerned about the effect of salt, materials for traction, or chemicals on the environment and will limit their use in parking lots for that reason. Therefore, it is the policy of the City to utilize salt, materials for traction, or a chemical mixture in the ratio that provides for reasonably safe driving conditions in parking lots. The application of these types of materials is not always intended to provide bare pavement during winter conditions. In addition, the desired results of these materials can vary with different temperatures.

The application of salt on trails is not a general practice in the City of Woodbury. Conditions during the winter months can be unpredictable, therefore, it is recommended that pedestrians always wear traction cleats when walking during the winter months.