Canvas Health & Metro Mobility (ADA Transit Services)

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transit Services

Transit services for seniors and people who have disabilities.

Canvas Health

Canvas Health provides transportation to ADA-certified riders seeking transportation within the Washington County ADA service area, as well as those riders needing a transfer to other Twin Cities ADA service areas. The Washington County ADA service area includes the following communities:

  • Bayport
  • Bayport Township
  • Birchwood Village
  • Cottage Grove
  • Dellwood
  • Grey Cloud Township
  • Lake Elmo
  • Landfall
  • Mahtomedi
  • Newport
  • Oak Park Heights
  • Oakdale
  • Pine Springs
  • St. Paul Park
  • Stillwater
  • Willernie
  • Woodbury

To arrange a ride and/or to learn more about transportation services available, please call 651-275-4300. For more information, visit the Canvas Health website.

Metro Mobility

Metro Mobility is a shared public transportation service for certified riders who are unable to use regular buses due to a disability or health condition. Disabled persons living in Washington County can use the HSI Transporter to connect to Metro Mobility providers. Certified riders call their transportation provider in advance to schedule their trips.

Persons with disabilities must be ADA-certified. Completion of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) application is required. Call Metro Transit Customer Services at 651-602-1111 (TTY: 651-221-9886) to get an application form. The certification process takes up to 21 days once the completed application is received.

For more information about Metro Mobility, call Metro Mobility Customer Services at 651-602-1111 (TTY: 651-221-9886) between 7:30 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday. Information also is available on the Metro Mobility website.