Multicultural Advisory Committee

The Woodbury Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) is an engaged group of volunteers that advise the Woodbury Police Department in order to enrich the relationship between underrepresented community members and the department. By creating opportunities to learn from each other and building trust and communication between the police and community members, we will ultimately improve the safety and livability of our community.


MAC members will:

  • Provide an opportunity for meaningful conversations that create an appreciation for different perspectives and mutual understanding
  • Serve as community liaisons for the police department for sharing information and providing feedback
  • Help the police department better serve underrepresented community members
  • Recommend opportunities for maintaining and improving public trust in Woodbury law enforcement
  • Assist the police department with inclusiveness, community outreach, public education and recruitment efforts
  • Work together to build a safer community

If you are interested in being involved in events, outreach activities, problem solving, and building partnerships between the community and Woodbury Public Safety, then the MAC needs you. We are recruiting members that are able to:

  • Constructively contribute with an open mind
  • Provide experience with underrepresented communities
  • Apply cultural competencies to public safety issues
  • Able to provide cultural insight/perspective to police issues/topics
  • Be a positive agent for change