Roadway Rehabilitation 2024

The City of Woodbury is planning a roadway rehabilitation project in the Salem Meadows, Erin Court, and Orchard Ridge neighborhoods in 2024. The project is currently proposed to include pavement rehabilitation, a combination of full and spot curb replacement, and minor storm water improvements for each project area.

New water and sanitary utilities are not included in the proposed scope.  

A paved pedestrian trail from Dorchester Drive to Highcroft Park is proposed as part of this project. The trail is proposed to be 10 feet wide with 2 feet of mowed turf grass on either side. Trees will be planted within the corridor, and native grasses are proposed as an additional buffer to the property lines on either side. No additional trail or sidewalks are proposed. The future street stub on Dorchester Drive at the trail location will be removed as part of the project.

 As of the August 9th, 2023, City Council Meeting Timberlea Drive, Amberwood Drive, Brittany Lane and the cul-de-sacs off those streets between Tower Drive and Afton Road have been added to the 2024 Roadway Rehabilitation Project.

The proposed improvements for this area include pavement rehabilitation, spot curb replacement, and small utility repairs as needed.

  1. Tentative Project Schedule 

Action Item


Collect neighborhood feedback (Salem Meadows and Erin Court)

September 2021

Neighborhood meeting no. 1 (Salem Meadows and Erin Court)

September 2021

Authorize preparation of preliminary report

January 11, 2023

Neighborhood meeting no. 2

May 23, 2023

Approve preliminary report, public improvement hearing, order project

September 2023

Open bids

January 2024

Neighborhood meeting no. 3

February 2024

Assessment hearing/award contract

March 2024

Neighborhood meeting no. 4 – construction information

April 2024

Begin construction

April 2024

Complete construction

October 2024

  1. Special Assessments