Coin Quest: Woodbury's Winter Medallion Hunt

Coin Quest LogoCalling all wise, adventure-seeking and puzzle-solving Woodbury residents! Join the search for three hidden coins this winter in Woodbury’s 2nd annual winter medallion hunt, Coin Quest! The three-week long search is a partnership between Woodbury Public Safety, Woodbury Community Foundation and Woodbury Parks and Recreation and includes three coins – one hidden in a Woodbury park each week!

Clues to the hidden coin will be provided on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, beginning the week of Jan. 17, and running through the week of Jan. 31.

Clues will be posted on Woodbury MN Police, Fire EMS and Woodbury Parks and Recreation Facebook pages at 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Clues will also be posted on this page of the City of Woodbury’s website by noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The clues lead to a 3-by-3 inch acrylic “coin” (square paperweight). The coin might be camouflaged as something else; keep a keen eye out.

The individuals who find each coin will receive the original coin as a keepsake and $100 worth of gift cards to Woodbury businesses. In additional, each time a coin is found, the Woodbury Community Foundation will generously donate $100 to a local non-profit. 

 No registration is required and the Coin Quest is open to all Woodbury residents.

Public Safety logo, Parks and Recreation logo and Woodbury Community Foundation logo

  1. Rules of Engagement
  2. Parks and Trails Map
  3. If you find a coin
  4. Coin #1-Found!
  5. Coin #2
  6. Coin #3

As a Public Safety co-sponsored event, safety of participants and property is our top priority. Please read the below rules thoroughly and assure you and your fellow seekers are following them at all times. 

  1. The coin is hidden in a City of Woodbury owned park. You will not need to enter private property to find the coin. Woodbury parks are open to the public from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. All searching must be completed during normal park hours. Please wear reflective attire if you are searching in dusk or dark. Be mindful of winter temperatures and dangerous weather conditions; only search when it is safe to do so. 
  2. The coin is not hidden at Eagle Valley Golf Course, the Splash Pad at Madison’s Place Playground, on or in any skating rinks or frozen ponds, Central Park, fields at HealthEast Sports Center, the Carver Lake off-road Cycling Trail, the Carver Lake Bike Park, nor the Skate Park at Ojibway Park. 
  3. The coin is not hidden underground, under any skating surfaces, nor is it hidden at a height requiring special equipment to find. No additional equipment such as a ladder, pick or shovel is needed to find the coin. The coin is not hidden within fifteen feet of an open body of water and it not hidden further than three feet into a wooden area.
  4. Search, but do not destroy or damage any property. You will not need to dig, climb, bend, or break any object to find the coin. The coin might be partially covered; but it will not be buried. You will not need to move anything heavy or large to find the coin. The City of Woodbury reserves the right to discontinue the Coin Quest if property becomes damaged. 
  5. If you choose to park your vehicle on streets while searching, be mindful of mailboxes and driveways, as well as the City of Woodbury’s winter on-street parking rules. 
  6. All participants are in agreement that that the City of Woodbury and it’s Coin Quest partners have no liability and will be held harmless by participants for any injuries, losses or damages sustained while participating in the Coin Quest.  
  7. Individuals may not win more than once. 
  8. City of Woodbury employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.
  9. When the coin is found; the Coin Finder must email [email protected] or call 651-414-3437 within two hours of finding the coin. Specific questions will be asked to assure the coin was found and a photo of the Finder(s) and coin will be requested. Once the coin has been verified, a team member will arrange a time for the Finder to pick up the prizes at a City of Woodbury facility. All prizes must be claimed by Friday, Feb. 11, 2022.