Lake Road Lane Conversion Project

The city is planning a roadway repaving project during the 2022 construction season on Lake Road between Courtly Road and Tahoe Road, and between Woodlane Drive and Pioneer Drive.

Illustration showing roadway before and after of a 4 to 3 lane conversionAs a part of that project, Lake Road between Woodlane Drive and Pioneer Drive will be converted from a 4-lane to a 3-lane road.

This conversion increases safety by reducing crashes, increasing pedestrian safety, providing a shoulder, and promoting compliance with posted speed limits.

In 2016, the city conducted the Lake Road Restriping and Safety Improvements study which determined the traffic volumes are acceptable to accommodate the 3-lane roadway conversion with improved traffic flow and operations.

Construction is proposed to begin in the summer of 2022 and be completed by the fall. Any necessary traffic impacts, detours or roadway closures will be determined during the design process with additional updates provided prior to construction. The project will also include repaving of the existing trails along Lake Road to improve the trail surface.

Lake Road and Pioneer Drive Intersection

In conjunction with this project, the intersection of Lake Road and Pioneer Drive will be converted from an all-way stop to a roundabout. Learn more.