Parks Design Project Process

The parks and recreation system is an important contributor to the quality of life in Woodbury. The system preserves natural resources including, lakes, woodlands, open fields, and wetlands and makes them accessible. It also features quality recreational facilities, neighborhood and community parks, and a city-wide network of trails and preserved open spaces, providing pleasant and memorable places and recreational activities that draw people to live, work and play in Woodbury. 

Woodbury has a phased approach to growth with plans for portions of the undeveloped and rural land to be developed at urban densities by 2040. This development will add new households to Woodbury and will create new parks, trails and open space needs.

Process Description

Every project at starts with identifying a need. Based on the particular need, a suitable location is identified. With the need and site determined, the project moves from an initial concept to a completed project plan. The city design process consists of the following steps:  

  1. Step 1: Initial Concept / Space and Vision
  2. Step 2: Solicit Feedback
  3. Step 3: Determine Possibilities
  4. Step 4: Concept Plan
  5. Step 5: Parks and Natural Resources Commission

Space exercise where staff determines the widest range of potentials for the site, from which the Initial Concept plan is based.

  1. Step 6: Revised Concept Plan
  2. Step 7: Concept Plan Approval
  3. Step 8: Construction Documents
  4. Step 9: Project Bidding
  5. Step 10: Project Construction

Concept plan is revised based on all the previous steps and feedback received to date creating the final concept plan. The final concept plan is the basis for construction plans moving forward.