Central Park Project

central park preliminary outdoor designThe City of Woodbury–in partnership with Washington County–is exploring potential improvements to the community’s 20-year-old Central Park and Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground.

The multi-use indoor facility provides important gathering space by linking many different resources and people from all around the East Metro. central park preliminary indoor design

Central Park is one of the most diverse gathering places in the region and hosts many meaningful multi-cultural and multi-generational educational and recreational program opportunities. The indoor gathering space is so important for all seasons, but especially during Minnesota winter months.

The recreational and educational programming offered at Central Park is made possible through successful partnerships among various public and private facility stakeholders, including the R.H. Stafford Library, the School District 833 Community Education program, Great Rivers Adult Education Consortium, the YMCA, Stonecrest Senior Living and the City of Woodbury.

Woodbury’s population has grown from about 49,500 to approximately 77,000 since Central Park opened in 2002. The upgrades are needed to better serve the growing community and region and its changing demographics today and into the future. 

Project Goals

  • Enhance welcoming environment and increase general gathering opportunities for all users. 
  • Improve accessibility throughout the facility. 
  • Increase multi-purpose space capacity for increasing need to host larger events, meetings, and public programs especially for youth, teens and seniors. 
  • Update Lookout Ridge indoor playground to include programming for kids ages 0-3 years.
  • More space for public/community art displays. 
  • Expand and enhance space for Great Rivers Adult Education Consortium-English language and life skills. 
  • Address deferred maintenance issues, reduce energy consumption and create a healthier indoor environment for all guests.
  • Add single-use restrooms.
  • Expand parking lot capacity. 

Community Input

The city is seeking $15 million in State of Minnesota bonding to cover a portion of the estimated cost of the improvements. As the city continues to engage the community, details will be shared on the city’s website, via the city’s InTouch email notification system, on the city’s social media accounts, and in a future edition of the City Update newsletter