Central Park Renovation Project

For more than 20 years, Central Park has been a place to play, connect, learn and have fun. However, after two decades, the facility needs significant updates so that it can continue to attract visitors for years to come. 

Project Goals

  • Address maintenance issues and failing and/or inefficient mechanical and electrical systems
  • Enhance welcoming environment to increase space for visitors
  • Increase program opportunities for youth, teens and adults/seniors
  • Update Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Add single/family user restrooms
  • Increase parking lot capacity
  • Improve accessibility/ADA features
Central Park conceptual indoor design
central park outdoor conceptual design
  1. About Central Park
  2. Project Features
  3. Capital Funding Sources
  4. Project Timeline

Located in Minnesota’s eighth-largest city, Central Park continues to draw multi-cultural, multi-generational visitors for its unique combination of resources and services provided by the City of Woodbury and our partners: Washington County, South Washington County Schools, the Woodbury YMCA and Stonecrest Senior Living. 

In 2019, Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground attracted 23,258 daily admissions. 

The R.H. Stafford Library, operated by Washington County, is the fifth most visited library in the metro area and sixth most visited in the state. It also ranks sixth in total circulation of material in the state. The library garnered approximately 1,050 guests daily, on average, in 2019. Renovations in the library spaces are not included in this project, but are included in the Washington County Capital Improvement Plan as part of the proposed 2027 bond sale.

Why renovate now?

  • It has been more than 20 years since construction and the facility needs to address deferred maintenance items.  
  • As home to the fifth-most visited library in the metro area (sixth-most in the state) and four school districts, capacity does not meet demand. Spaces are heavily used and in need of updating.
  • Renovations will allow the gathering space to live up to its true potential of serving the diverse, growing population now and into the future.
  • Lookout Ridge Indoor Playground is in dire need of updates. Common concerns indicate users feel the playground is a desired amenity, but has “old, worn and damaged equipment; lacks natural lighting; has poor sightlines, adding to safety concerns; and is too small/crowded.”