Environmental Stewardship Plan

Environmental Stewardship is one of the city's seven Critical Success Factors, and is defined as: 

"The preservation, responsible use and enhancement of Woodbury’s environment, recognizing that environmental health, economics and human well-being are interconnected and interdependent." 

To preserve our environment for future generations, the city will foster environmental stewardship through focused conservation, social responsibility, and best management practices. As our local environment faces new challenges, we will make appropriate investments in preservation, adaptation, mitigation, and maintenance.

To lead the way to protect our community, and meet the needs of future generations, the city established Environmental Stewardship as a 2022-2024 Strategic Initiative.

  1. Questionnaire Result Summary
  2. Background
  3. Goals
  4. Resources & Documents

Between August and December 2023, the city partnered with PaleBLUEdot to collect feedback from the community via an online questionnaire about the importance and values they feel toward environmental stewardship. Of the 529 respondents, 98% live  in Woodbury and 22% work or own a business in the city. 

Thank you to everyone who provided input!