I didn't know PFAS was in the water. Where can I learn more?

The city has been sharing updates about PFAS in the water since 2007 in the City Update newsletter, on the city's website, via its InTouch email notification system*, on its YouTube channel, and through the local media. Information also is provided in the annual Water Quality Report. Updates will continue to be provided through these channels. There also have been several public meetings on this topic since the beginning of 2019.

Information also is available on the MDH PFAS sites and what PFAS are, and the State of Minnesota's dedication to the settlement with 3M and the process for identifying long-term treatment solutions.

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1. What is PFAS and how did it get in the water?
2. I have a private well. How do I know if I am impacted by PFAS?
3. How many Woodbury municipal wells exceed PFAS water quality standards and guidelines?
4. Which well is serving my home?
5. What type of private, at-home treatment options are available?
6. I didn't know PFAS was in the water. Where can I learn more?
7. What is the long-term solution on treatment for PFAS and when will it be implemented?
8. Who will pay for the long-term solution for treatment of PFAS?
9. How is the city’s growth impacting water quality and availability?
10. Is growth the most significant driver of water demand?