What is the long-term solution on treatment for PFAS and when will it be implemented?

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Department of Natural Resources are leading the effort with the impacted communities under the 3M and Statement of Minnesota Settlement Agreement in identifying and approving the long-term treatment solutions. A pilot study of effective PFAS treatment technologies was implemented during the construction of the Temporary Water Treatment Facility and is still underway. 

In February 2023, the city hired a team of engineers to begin design of the Woodbury Water Treatment Plant along with associated pipelines and infrastructure. The design will include recommendations from the pilot study to develop an effective long-term treatment process for the new water treatment facility. Many other factors for construction of the new Woodbury Water Treatment Plant including layout, process designs, construction sequencing and scheduling, and pipeline engineering and design are also being finalized during this phase. 

The final design of the facility is estimated to be complete in 2024 and construction of the new facility will follow. 

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