May I plant trees or bushes in the easements?

Plantings such as trees and bushes may be placed in drainage and utility easements at the risk of the property owner, provided they do not change or interfere with the drainage. The city does not encourage extensive plantings or landscaping in the easement area because of potential drainage problems and the possibility of utility work in the easements. The city or utility companies will not replace plantings or landscaping removed or damaged during work within the easement area.

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1. I've just purchased a new home in Woodbury and I am planning the landscaping. I've heard a little about boulevards and I know there are easements on my property. What is their purpose?
2. Now I understand the boulevard is part of the street right-of-way, but what are the easements for?
3. May I plant trees or bushes in the easements?
4. Do I need city approval to work in the easement area?
5. Is there anything else I should know?
6. Many cities have lawn sprinkling restrictions. Do we have any in Woodbury?