Is there anything else I should know?

The City of Woodbury passed an ordinance to reduce erosion in 1994. It requires turf be established within 60 days, excluding the time between October 1st and May 1st, of the city issuing a Certificate of Occupancy. We would also like to remind you to maintain, until turf is established, any silt fence or hay bale erosion control systems that may be on your lot.

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1. I've just purchased a new home in Woodbury and I am planning the landscaping. I've heard a little about boulevards and I know there are easements on my property. What is their purpose?
2. Now I understand the boulevard is part of the street right-of-way, but what are the easements for?
3. May I plant trees or bushes in the easements?
4. Do I need city approval to work in the easement area?
5. Is there anything else I should know?
6. Many cities have lawn sprinkling restrictions. Do we have any in Woodbury?