Concerning property taxes, what will I be required to pay on my new home?

Property taxes are based upon the total value of the property, land and buildings, on January 2 the year prior to the tax payable year. In other words, taxes payable in 2013 are based on the county-assessed value of the property on January 2, 2012. If at that time, the property was a vacant lot, you pay taxes on only the vacant lot. If construction on the home began before January 2, a county appraiser will estimate the value of what is completed on January 2. If construction is not complete, the property taxes will be based on a partial value for one year.

If your new home in Woodbury will be your primary residence, apply for residential homestead status after closing on your property. Residential homestead is one of many state-legislated property tax classes. It may result in a reduced property tax bill for an owner-occupied property. You can apply for residential homestead status at the Washington County Service Center located at 2150 Radio Drive.

For property-specific information, please visit the Washington County Property Information page.

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