How do we thank our partners?

We thank our partners in a variety of ways. Some ways include:

  • Business name and logo in our Parks and Recreation brochure; mailed three times per year to over 33,000 households and businesses in Woodbury and Newport.
  • Business name on promotional materials displayed at Central Park, Lookout Ridge, Eagle Valley Golf Course, and HealthEast Sports Center.
  • On-site promotion during the specific events (business booth, banners, signs, flyers, etc.).
  • Business name listed on sponsored event specific: InTouch email messages sent to over 7,000 individual emails, posts on the City of Woodbury and Parks and Recreation Department's Social Media channels, sponsorship page on City's website and on the REACH screens at Central Park, City Hall, and HealthEast Sports Center.

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1. How do we thank our partners?
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