How Does the 2040 Comprehensive Plan Affect Future Job Growth?

Woodbury will continue efforts to attract, retain and expand a diversified business sector, in turn providing a variety of jobs, strengthening the community's tax base, adding to the high quality of life, and providing residents with options to both live and work in the community.

As many current commercial spaces complete build-outs, future job growth will chiefly occur through redevelopment as well as the development of the northeast area of Woodbury. With more than 400 acres of adjoining land guided for "Places to Work," the northeast area offers a unique opportunity to diversify the city's job and tax base. This diversification will occur by creating a business environment that will ultimately provide office/showroom, warehouse, distribution, and light industrial business that are currently under-represented within the city's tax base.

Specifically, the plan re-guides the land use of a variety of parcels away from "Places to Work" to "Mixed Use", "Gateway," and/or "High-Density Residential" that provide for job growth in a modern office setting. Previous comprehensive plans tended to silo places to work, places to shop, and places to live, whereas the plan promotes the concept that mixed-use areas, ancillary retail, and housing choice support places to work. From an infrastructure perspective, most of the next 5 million square feet of commercial and industrial uses will be in the northeast area of Woodbury and this land is already within the urban service area. As such, the bulk of the long-term infrastructure planning needed to promote job growth is complete.

For more information read over Chapter 4: Land Use (PDF) and Chapter 6: Economic Development (PDF).

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