What is the Gold Line?

The METRO Gold Line is a 10-mile dedicated Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line being planned by Washington County, Ramsey County, and METRO Transit that will connect Woodbury to St. Paul and other eastern suburbs. The Gold Line will provide frequent, all-day service in both directions, seven days a week, and will connect with the growing regional transit system.

Metro Gold Line Map with Multiple Listed Streets

The Gold Line corridor is proposed to generally run along the north side of I-94 from the Union Depot in Saint Paul to Oakdale, then cross over I-94 on a new bridge connecting Helmo Avenue and Bielenberg Drive. Once the Gold Line enters Woodbury, it would run north-south following Bielenberg Drive, then turn onto Guider Drive toward Woodlane Drive and I-494, where the corridor ends.

Gold Line Stations

Three station areas have been identified in Woodbury. Two stations will be walk-up stations including the Tamarack Station, located on Bielenberg Drive approximately one-third mile north of Tamarack Road, and the Woodbury Theatre Station, located on Guider Drive near the Woodbury 10 Theatre. The third station, the I-494 Station, will include a park-and-ride lot. This station, located at the intersection of Guider Drive and Woodlane Drive, will also serve as the terminus of the Gold Line route.

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