Why does the City support the Gold Line?

The city's support for the Gold Line is firmly connected to its commitment to providing an effective transportation system that serves community stakeholders and better connects the city with the rest of the region. The Gold Line would provide additional transit access and reliability between the eastern suburbs and the growing regional transitway system.

Although private cars are the most commonly used mode of transportation for many Woodbury residents, public transit is an important alternative to automobile use and serves as one part of a multi-modal transportation strategy for the community. The Gold Line will offer new opportunities for residents, employees, and business owners by strengthening connections between eastern suburbs and St. Paul, including access to jobs, housing, services, and recreation/entertainment.

  • The Gold Line project will provide all-day transit service to meet the existing and long-term regional mobility and local accessibility needs for businesses and the traveling public within the project area. There is currently limited transit service throughout the day and demand for more frequent service over a larger portion of the day exists.
  • The Gold Line will assist local businesses in their employee recruitment by improving access for non-residents who desire employment and services within Woodbury. Outreach with employers in the city indicate support for this project. The Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce has voiced support for the Gold Line and its trail and pedestrian connections, as it will provide direct access to several of Woodbury's top employment centers and will help eliminate transportation barriers and make it easier for local businesses to access a greater labor force.
  • The Gold Line will provide additional economic development benefits by enhancing future development opportunities for those business users that value transit connectivity for their employees and customers.
  • The Gold Line will provide additional transportation options for residents of Woodbury and those along the planned route. The Gold Line will provide a benefit of improved access to jobs for both residents of Woodbury and those residing outside of the community that are working for Woodbury employers. With its all-day frequent bi-directional service, the Gold Line will provide added transit service flexibility beyond express bus services which previously only provided rides during morning and afternoon peak hours.
  • A diverse array of transit options not only offers convenience and accessibility and encourages healthy lifestyles, but it can also play a key role in achieving sustainability by reducing the need to expand roadways and limiting fuel consumption and air pollution.
  • The Gold Line project includes the construction of a new bridge over I-94 connecting Bielenberg Drive to Helmo Avenue at no initial capital cost to the city. This bridge has been in the city's Comprehensive Plan for two decades but would have been difficult to build without this project.
  • The project includes significant reconstruction of aging city-owned roadway and trail infrastructure at no initial capital cost to the city. Investments by the project also include expansion of the trail and sidewalk networks to eliminate gaps in the existing system.

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