What is the City's role?

Transit is considered a regional system, and as such the Gold Line is under the purview of the Metropolitan Council, the region's metropolitan planning organization. It is the lead agency responsible for design, engineering, environmental review and community outreach as well as building and maintaining the line. The Gold Line project team includes staff from Metropolitan Council, Ramsey County, Washington County and MnDOT. Metro Transit, which is the primary public transportation operator in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, will operate the Gold Line.

The City of Woodbury's involvement has been as a stakeholder and the City Council has adopted a resolution, which outlines the city's priorities as they relate to the Gold Line project. In addition, Woodbury staff have served on advisory committees throughout the design process to help advance and refine the design and ensure that issues unique to Woodbury are being addressed.

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1. What is the Gold Line?
2. When is the Gold Line anticipated to be operational?
3. Why does the City support the Gold Line?
4. What is the City's role?
5. How does the 2040 Comprehensive Plan provide guidance and support for the Gold Line?
6. I've been reading about development along the Gold Line corridor. How will existing businesses, like the Woodbury 10 Theatre, be impacted by the project?
7. Why is the Gold Line project moving forward when transit ridership Is down due to the pandemic?
8. How has information been shared with the public regarding the Gold Line Project?
9. How much will the Gold Line cost and what are the City costs associated with the project?
10. What are the Gold Line ridership projections?
11. What is a 'dedicated guideway'?
12. How frequently will the buses run?
13. Why was the express bus service suspended?
14. What is the Economic Development impact?
15. What about the safety of the Gold Line?
16. Who do I contact for more information about the Gold Line?
17. I would like more information on Gold Line Project from Metro Gold Line website