How does the 2040 Comprehensive Plan provide guidance and support for the Gold Line?

The city's support for the Gold Line is firmly connected to its commitment to providing an effective transportation system that serves community stakeholders. The 2040 Comprehensive Plan affirms this long-standing commitment through its guiding principles, one of which is to:

"Plan for an effective Transportation System"- Woodbury is dedicated to providing diverse and effective multi-modal transportation systems that ensure the accessibility and connectivity of community amenities. As the city evolves and transportation needs change, Woodbury must ensure that the transportation system serves community stakeholders. Growth will increase demand on the existing and future roadway system, and it will not be possible or desirable to accommodate this demand solely by building larger roads. While the city will accommodate the demand for safe, well-maintained roadways, it also recognizes that creative solutions are necessary that balance safe and efficient transportation with other aspects of quality of life in Woodbury, such as aesthetics, stormwater management and adjacent land uses. The city believes alternative forms of transportation such as busing, biking, and walking are essential to the quality of life in Woodbury. As such, the city will continue its commitment to pedestrian accessibility and actively participate in efforts to expand regional transit systems that serve Woodbury and the eastern metropolitan area. (For more information please see Chapter 7: Transportation (PDF)

Chapter 4: Land use (PDF) of the 2040 Comprehensive Plan (see pages 55-58) also outlines goals and policies related to the work that the City is doing on the Gold Line Station Area Master Plan.

The addition of all-day, bi-directional transit to these three station areas provides a unique opportunity for the city to optimize the potential development or redevelopment through the master planning process. The city will use this process to study and secure the appropriate combination of land uses for each station area based on each area's unique development opportunities, market conditions, and ridership potential. Master planning at the station areas will promote cohesive architectural identity using building materials, landscaping and other architectural or streetscape features to create a unique sense of place.

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