Why is the Gold Line project moving forward when transit ridership Is down due to the pandemic?

The Gold Line project looks out more than 50 years as it provides additional transportation options for the City of Woodbury. Metro Transit's Gold Line Project Office and Washington County provided the following perspective related to long-term ridership:

"Today, as COVID restrictions are slowly relaxing and as we navigate our new normal, Metro Transit continues to look beyond the pandemic to build the transit network of the future and be a part of our economic recovery.

The METRO Gold Line and Bus Rapid Transit are part of transit's future, providing a frequent, all-day service. During the pandemic, the existing BRT service had some of the highest essential rides. After the pandemic, ridership projections show that people will return to transit and will seek high-quality options with frequent service.

After the pandemic, Gold Line project partners know that even more people will need to get to work, education opportunities, daily errands, and appointments, as well as recreation. As residents adjust to new working styles, commuting patterns are likely to look different. The fast, frequent, and all-day service of the Gold Line will provide residents the flexibility to ride anytime, without a schedule."

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7. Why is the Gold Line project moving forward when transit ridership Is down due to the pandemic?
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