How has information been shared with the public regarding the Gold Line Project?

Planning for what would ultimately become the Gold Line began in 2007, with the I-94 Corridor Transit and Transportation Study. As the project has evolved over time, the City Council has discussed this item at many council workshops and meetings. As of January 27, 2022 there have been numerous public meetings about the Gold Line, all of which were noticed and open to the public:

METRO Gold Line -City Council Meetings and Workshops (as of March 9, 2022)

 Council Workshops (16)       

  • Council Meetings (23)   
  • EDA Meetings (3)
  • Council Resolutions (23)  
  • EDA Resolutions (6)

Information about the Gold Line was also shared through the City Update newsletter, which is mailed to every address in Woodbury. Since 2011, there have been 14 articles. The city has also used various social media posts to update the public on the project.

In addition to the city meetings and outreach, the Gold Line Project Office has held a robust public engagement process, which involved open house events, 'pop-up' events at various locations and community events, booths at the Woodbury Community Expo and Woodbury Days, etc. The Gold Line's public outreach can be found on the Metro Transit website.

The Gold Line project office has also conducted public engagement efforts throughout the planning of the project. Additional information related to the Metropolitan Council’s engagement efforts are available on the project website at:

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8. How has information been shared with the public regarding the Gold Line Project?
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