How much will the Gold Line cost and what are the City costs associated with the project?

As of April 5, 2021, the Gold Line Project Office has reported an estimated cost of $531.9 million, with 45% of the funding expected to come from the Federal New Starts program. The remaining 55% of the funding is split between a variety of mostly local funding sources including the two counties, Ramsey and Washington, and the State of Minnesota.

While the vast majority of the cost of the Gold Line are being born by other governmental agencies as noted above, the City of Woodbury will have some cost obligations as it relates to the Gold Line project.

City capital cost included in the overall Gold Line project cost (pending final Council approval):

  • $174,000 Hudson Road/Guider Drive trails, which represents the City cost share of $642,000 in new trail improvements on the Southside of Hudson Road and the north side of Guider Drive.

City design cost related to optional project enhancements:

  • $9,500 Bielenberg Drive trail (Tamarack Road to Stephens Way)
  • $72,800 landscaping and lighting

City capital cost related to optional project enhancements (pending final Council approval):

  • $3,100,000 landscaping and lighting; estimated construction cost
  • $736,000 Bielenberg Drive trail (Tamarack Road to Stephens Way) estimated construction cost

Consulting costs related to the Gold Line project:

  • $169,000 Station Area Master Plan ($50,000 of which was funded by the Washington County Community Development Agency)
  • $20,000 stormwater technical review, estimated
  • $8,236 grant application assistance- Regional Solicitation

City cost related to future maintenance (annual)

  • $13,000 Bielenberg Bridge over I-94; estimate
  • $150,000 landscaping, lighting, and wayfinding; estimate

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