What are the Gold Line ridership projections?

The Gold Line ridership has been evaluated with a number of different ridership models over the past several years. According to Gold Line Project Director Christine Beckwith, "The federal "STOPS" model projects between 6000 and 6500 rides per day. When Gold Line begins operating, it is projected to be one of the region's top ten busiest bus routes."

Based on the FTA STOPS model, the following estimates have been provided by the Gold Line Project Office on riders per station:

  • Tamarack Station: Under 100 trips per day
  • Woodbury Theatre Station: Approximately 200-350 trips per day
  • Woodbury 494 Station: Approximately 750-800 trips per day

Riders per station

Jobs adjacent to the stations (data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Economic Studies, 2016):

  • Tamarack Station on Bielenberg: 3,910
  • Woodbury Theater and I-494 Park and Ride: 4,282

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