Will the fire harm wildlife?

Wildlife will move from the site or find areas such as burrows to hide from the fire. It is true that in rare instances an animal is overrun by the fire before it can find safe haven: this is the rare exception rather than a common occurrence. Ecologists plan the timing and type of fires to minimize risks wildlife, or their nests. For the long-term, fire benefits animals by maintaining or improving the overall wildlife habitat. On the day of the burn, there will be a lot of human activity in the area. This will also encourage animals to leave temporarily and find a hiding place in adjacent habitats.

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1. Why is prescribed fire being utilized?
2. Will the fire harm wildlife?
3. Are there alternatives to using fire?
4. How will smoke from the fire be managed?
5. Who will conduct the prescribed burn?
6. What will we see after the burn is completed/How fast will the area green-up again?