Will roads be narrowed?

Staff is proposing that the streets with trails would be narrowed from 32 feet to 28 feet, including Queens Drive, Montrose Road and Courtly Road. Restricted street parking is not being recommended with the project. The standard width for new roads in the city is 28 feet, and there are approximately 75 miles of 28-foot roads with parking on both sides existing within the city. Narrowing roads has been shown to be an effective way to decrease vehicle speeds while maintaining the same function as 32-foot wide roadways. If vehicles are parked on both sides of a 32-foot wide roadway or a 28-foot wide roadway, each design only allows adequate width for one lane in the middle of the roadway for vehicles to travel. The 28-foot width has proven to provide adequate emergency services access with the occurrence of parking along both sides of neighborhood roadways. 

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