Why does Woodbury need this program?
  • The focus of the rental licensing program is to help maintain the quality and stability of rental housing which will help preserve the value of land and buildings throughout Woodbury. Licensing residential rental properties, along with updates to the Housing and Property Maintenance Code, will provide strategies to proactively address blight within all areas of the City. In addition, licensing residential rental properties helps to promote the continued health, safety and welfare of all residents who live in rental properties and in surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Since operating a rental property is a business, doing so also requires that certain responsibilities and standards be upheld. By requiring rental properties to be licensed, the City helps ensure owners, operators and managers are taking reasonable steps to provide a safe, sanitary, and reasonably well-maintained environment for tenants and neighboring residents.
  • The program will aid the City in building valuable community partnerships and improve communication with landlords and property management groups.  

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1. How is the City of Woodbury proposing to expand the rental licensing program?
2. How did the decision to begin licensing single dwelling units come about?
3. Why does Woodbury need this program?
4. When does the expanded rental licensure program begin?
5. Do other cities have programs like this?
6. What is the anticipated rental license cost?
7. How will I be able to apply and pay for my rental license?
8. Will the city be inspecting the interior of my single dwelling rental unit?
9. I’m a landlord that lives out of state, how will I provide certification for my property?
10. What happens if a problem is found on an inspection?
11. What is the frequency of inspections for multiple dwelling properties?
12. When should I be applying for a rental license?
13. What happens if a landlord does not obtain a license for a rental property?
14. Does the city respond to complaints from tenants?
15. Who is exempt from all or part of any Woodbury rental licensure requirements?
16. Are short-term rentals allowed?
17. Where can I go for additional information about the rental licensing program?